Dual Boot Ubuntu on Windows Bootloader

This is a very handy and detailed guide on how to dual boot Ubuntu alongside Windows and set it all up on the windows bootloader (this applys for both legacy and metro bootloaders and legacy and UEFI bois).As we all know that Ubuntu now dosen’t come with Wubi (The installer to do this eaisly) ,so we are now left with only the option to set up a dual boot on GRUB 2 bootloader…which is a bit ugly..nay a lot UGLY than the Metro bootloader on windows 8 and above.But however we have found a way to it.The following guide will explain “HOW?”

Step 1 :Getting Ready

First of all grab an Ubuntu image from here and burn it onto a DVD and make sure you have Windows installed.Free up some space by shrinking any volume in Windows Partition Manager..(shrink logical partition as you can only have 4 primary or 3 primary and 1 extended volume in which you can create other volumes)

We would need at least 3 partitions on the hard disk

1.’/boot’ -Anywhere between 150 to 300 MB – EXT4

2.’/’-The space you would like to use for Ubuntu – EXT4

3.Swap -2GB Recommended

Step 2:Installing Ubuntu

1.Boot through the Ubuntu DVD and select ‘Install Ubuntu’

2.In the option to select installation type,select ‘Something Else’ as we are gonna partition MANUALLY.

3.In the advanced partitioning menu that appears,select ‘free space’ and click the ‘+’ button.

4.Now make the boot partition by selecting ‘/boot’ in use as menu.

5.Now make the main Ubuntu partition partition by selecting ‘/’ in use as menu.

6.Now make the swap partition by selecting ‘swap’ in use as menu.(for sizes and filesystems,look above)

7.Now in Device for Boot Loader Installation option select the ‘/boot’ partition you just created…(identify it via the serial no as shown in the partition table)

7.Now click install and wait for the installation to complete….now you will be rebooted to Windows directly.

Step 3:Setting up Bootloaders

1.For bringing Ubuntu to windows bootloader download this tool.

2.Now open EasyBCD (the tool you just downloaded) and navigate to Add New Entry >>Linux/BSD and and in type select ‘GRUB2’…in the name type ‘Ubuntu’ and in Drive select the ‘\boot’ partition (you can identify it from the size) and apply the changes…now Open EasyBCD again and check Use Metro Bootloader (for Windows 8 and above) from the Edit Boot Menu option.

3.Now Reboot …. and voila Ubuntu has come on the Windows bootloader….just select it.

4.Now the GRUB Bootloader would show its ugly face ….. ignore it for now and open Ubuntu.

5.Now we will make the GRUB Bootloader screen go away….in Ubuntu open terminal by Ctrl+Alt+T and type ‘sudo nautilus’ without “.A file manager will open.

6.Navigate to /etc/default/ and open a file named ‘grub’…change GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 to GRUB_TIMEOUT=1 and save the file….open terminal again and type ‘sudo update-grub’ and wait for the process to complete.

Enjoy your new Ubuntu!




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