OMNIBot-A budget DIY Open Source Robot

OMNIBot is an open source DIY robot that is powered by an Arduino UNO ,two IR contrast sensors,and an ultrasonic range sensor.This bot uses extremely minimal code and can be prepared at a price as low as INR 2k.It can do many operations such as following a line,avoiding obstacles etc.

This robot has many practical operations too and can be used in hospitals,schools,etc.

The OMNIBot uses the concept that’s being used in smart vehicles and other interesting items.And the main part is that it is open source and DIY project.


One can make an omnibot in the following way…

1.Get Ready-Buy the required materials-Jumper wires,Arduino UNO,2 5v Motors,Motor Driver Shield,2 IR Contrast Sensors,and an Ultrasonic Range Sensor…you can buy it from anywhwre online.

2.Download and install the Arduino IDE from here.

3.Download the OMNIBot Source Code from the official github repository.

4.Assemble the circuits as in the given pictures (not explaining this as there may be different models of shields and sensors available-contact the Arduino Community for Help).

5.Upload the Program in source code-You may need to change pin numbers and sensor values according to your board.

Hurray….now if u did everything right…u will enjoy with your new bot.

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