Installing Google Play Store in LYF Flame 6 (LS4005)

Ever wondered why the LYF Flame 6 and other Flame series Super Budget phones with 512 MB RAM do not come with Play Store or even Google Play Services ? Well , the company says that this is to make the interface more fluid. But , in reality, not having play store makes the phone feel a crap ; and  having it , too ,  does not really make the phone slow. So here’s a handy and detailed guide to install Play Store on LYF Flame 6 which will work even if you have updated your phone via the official OTA.

As you all know that LYF has released an OTA to the LYF Flame 6 which increases its Security patch level to June 2016. But, however, this OTA Update takes away the previous methods to install Play Store  from Gapps package by flashing it through Flashfire as it Requires SuperSU. You can root the phone using Kingroot but changing it into SuperSU gives Bootloop. But now , this problem can be solved and one can enjoy Play Store on LYF Flame 6 by using the method which is mentioned below.

Note : The following method works on both firmwares – LYF_LS-4005_06_08 (the one before the OTA Update) and LYF_LS-4005_06_11 (the one after the OTA Update)

Warning : Please follow the instructions carefully and exactly. Neither GuyZ HackZ nor any of its members and the ones given credit are responsible for any bricked devices, bootloops, data loss, thermonuclear war etc.

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Part 1 : Rooting Your Phone

  1. Download GApps for LS4005.rar from here or the link mentioned below and extract it.
  2. Install Kingroot.apk from the extracted files, connect to the internet, open Kingroot and Root your phone by following the on-screen instructions.

Part 2 : Getting the System Ready

  1. From the extracted files, install BusyBox.apk and Lucky Patcher.apk
  2. Open BusyBox Free and grant it Root Access
  3. Tap on the bottom left ” Install” button and wait for the process to complete successfully and then close the app
  4. Open Lucky Patcher , grant it root access , and tap on “Toolbox” in the bottom and then tap “Patch to Android”
  5. Tick the first two options and tap “Apply” and wait for the process to complete.(It will take some time and your device will reboot)
  6. After your device has rebooted successfully, open Lucky Patcher, and tap on “Toolbox” in the bottom and then tap “Patch to Android”
  7. Now on the first two options it will show “Patch Applied”. Tick the third option and tap “Apply” and wait for the process to complete.(It will take some time and your device will reboot)
  8. You have successfully prepared the system for installation of Google Play.

Part 3 : Installing Google Play

  1. Navigate to the extracted files and install Google Services Framework.apk, Google Account Manager.apk, Google Contacts Sync.apk, Google Play Store.apk, and Google Play Services.apk in the same order as mentioned.
  2. Uninstall BusyBox Free and Lucky Patcher
  3. Open Settings , navigate to Apps and find and tap Wireless Update Under the All Apps tab
  4. Tap on “Clear data” and then on “Disable”.
  5. Open Google Play Store and sign in with your Google Account.


  1. Follow all the steps very carefully and backup all your data
  2. If you have already rooted your phone then skip step 2 of Part 1
  3. If you have the firmware LYF_LS-4005_06_08 (the one before the OTA Update) and want to update your phone to latest version before using the above mentioned method to install Play Store , you can do it only if you aren’t rooted and have made no changes to the system. All other cases can be disasterous.



GApps for LS4005.rar (56.8MB)



22 thoughts on “Installing Google Play Store in LYF Flame 6 (LS4005)

  1. many many thanks
    i have install play store on my flame 3 with just 3 simple steps one year ago with your help , & clean unroot full mobile for safety net pass but when i test, it show only just cts profile match fail.
    can you guide me pls bcoz i dont want to use Magisk.& can u help me.

    i read open source code about cts from google wiki
    & downloaded it in pc
    now what to do ….any chance


      1. I didn’t delete your comment.
        It was due to some technical glitch which resulted in loss of some 4-5 comments.

        You can now comment as usual.


    1. There are 3 options for you –
      1. Install TWRP and root via SuperSU zip.
      2. Install BettrStock.
      3. Downgrade to stock firmware 06_08 and then use this guide.


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