Materialized TWRP for LYF Flame 6 (LS-4005)

Now users of LYF Flame 6 can enjoy the latest TWRP on their phones .Give your device a new life with this custom recovery .This version of TWRP includes custom theme and various bugfixes, and yeah, this is as stable as a rock.But anyways ,try at your own risk.


Flash .zip files
Flash.img files
Mount , format , and manage file systems of partitions
Backup & Restore your phone


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Installation Instructions

If you are Rooted

1.Download Flashify  from play store.
2.Copy recovery.img to SD card.
3.Flash the copied IMG via Flashify.

If you are Not Rooted

1.Ensure that ADB and Fastboot are working.
2.Copy the downloaded recovery.img to the directory where ADB and Fastboot is installed and open a command window there by holding Ctrl+Shift+Right click and selecting “Open Command window Here” option.
3.Open recovery mode in your phone by switching it off and then holding Power + Vol. Down for some time and then pressing Power + Vol. Up after a logo showing “No Command” appears. Select Reboot to Bootloader and when your phone displays “Fastboot Mode”, connect it to your PC using USB.
4.Then type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” without quotes in the Command Window on your PC.
5.After the process has completed, type “fastboot reboot” in the Command Window on your PC to reboot your phone.

To open recovery : Power off the device and then hold Power + Vol. Down

Download Links

Recovery (13 MB)


Team Win
Satyam@TG for porting
Materialized Theme Developers

Recovery Stats

Recovery Version:
Screen Resolution: 480×800
Status: Stable

27 thoughts on “Materialized TWRP for LYF Flame 6 (LS-4005)

  1. I have successfully installed better stock ROM, but there is some issue safe mode is not exiting and volume key not working. And I installed some apps but not showing the option of open


  2. Hey, I can’t able to restore nondroid backup.Nondroid backup is not showing, even though the backup is showing in twrp file manager. Sorry for my bad english.


  3. Thanks again sir for the “Materialized TWRP for LYF Flame 6 (LS-4005)” …. got the same flashed ………. excellent work ……. keep up the good work sir …….


  4. can someone tell me who builded this recovery from source????
    if is it a port.., then tell me that from which device you ported it????


    1. This recovery was ported.
      And I don’t know the exact model of the device (COMMON NAME) but all that was mentioned in the default.prop was “hy801_intex_16”.
      You get to the Github Repo if you search “hy801_intex_16” on Google.
      Hope that helps.


    1. We don’t own a LYF Flame 3.
      So we can’t port recovery.

      However, if you would be generous enough to send us your stock recovery, maybe we could do something.


      1. Upload on your google drive or any other cloud storage, get the shareable link, and paste that link here. We will download.


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