RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition v3.0.202

Presenting You RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition v3.0 Series.Now you can enjoy the much acclaimed RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition in a totally overhauled version , powered by Android Marshmallow.The all new 3.0 Series will feature a monthly update system and also has many new features.

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OMNIBot-A budget DIY Open Source Robot

OMNIBot is an open source DIY robot that is powered by an Arduino UNO ,two IR contrast sensors,and an ultrasonic range sensor.This bot uses extremely minimal code and can be prepared at a price as low as INR 2k.It can do many operations such as following a line,avoiding obstacles etc.

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RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition [v2.0.205/Gapps/Root]

Presenting You Remix OS for PC in an overhauled manner…with many improvements and added functionality.This version of RemixOS is the latest one with many bugfixes from JIDE and is Prerooted.

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