RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition v3.0.202

Presenting You RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition v3.0 Series.Now you can enjoy the much acclaimed RemixOS for PC Hacked Edition in a totally overhauled version , powered by Android Marshmallow.The all new 3.0 Series will feature a monthly update system and also has many new features.

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Dual Boot Ubuntu on Windows Bootloader

This is a very handy and detailed guide on how to dual boot Ubuntu alongside Windows and set it all up on the windows bootloader (this applys for both legacy and metro bootloaders and legacy and UEFI bois).As we all know that Ubuntu now dosen’t come with Wubi (The installer to do this eaisly) ,so we are now left with only the option to set up a dual boot on GRUB 2 bootloader…which is a bit ugly..nay a lot UGLY than the Metro bootloader on windows 8 and above.But however we have found a way to it.The following guide will explain “HOW?”

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